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SignalOpen Banking credit score

Move beyond the limitations of traditional credit data with Signal: a highly accurate, explainable Open Banking credit score.

Signal Open Banking Credit Score ranks effectively for all populations
Signal OB Credit Score

The graph was generated from a population of ~7000 outcomes from a range of lenders spanning a range of customer types, from prime to sub-prime.

  • Accuracy across the applicant spectrum

    Accurately predict risk using up-to-date, highly relevant financial behaviour data.

  • Increase customer reach

    Accurately assess anybody - not just those with previous credit history.

  • Understand and evidence risk decisions

    Break down scores into meaningful, explainable financial behaviour insights.

Accuracy across your whole population

Signal, the Open Banking credit score, uses machine learning and transaction data to accurately predict an individual’s likelihood of repayment.

This means you can use highly relevant, up-to-date financial behaviour data to accurately assess anybody - not just those with previous credit history.

How Signal works

Our Open Banking credit score leverages our entire insights library to translate transaction data into 500 meaningful, explainable financial behaviour features.

These features and their interactions are combined in a type of machine learning model (Gradient Boosting Machine) chosen for performance and explainability.

Move beyond limitations

Move beyond the limitations of traditional credit data. Signal enables you to serve customers that aren’t reached by using traditional credit data and reduce defaults.

Increase acceptancesEmbed Signal in decline journeys

Easily implement decline journeys to accurately assess segments underserved by traditional credit data and increase acceptance rates. This includes thin files, applicants with adverse credit history and those new to the country.

Using Signal Open Banking credit score, our partner unlocked 37.8% more accepts whilst maintaining their default rate.

Decline Journey

Reduce defaultsIntegrate Signal into existing scorecards

Signal Open Banking credit score enables you to reduce defaults and implement lending strategies with precision.

Using Signal in place of their existing provider’s score, our partner found they could reduce their overall default rate from 11.7% to 9.7%, whilst increasing acceptances from 17.5% to 29.8%.

Reduce Defaults

Understand and evidence risk decisionsUsing Signal for explainable decisions

Signal is built to enable you to understand and evidence risk decisions. It’s the best of both worlds: high accuracy, driven by machine learning, and clear explainability.

Each individual's score includes 'pointers': five features or feature combinations that most contributed to the person's score. These are both human readable and standardised, aiding quantitative analysis.

Understand and evidence risk decisions

Powering leading companies

  • PwC
  • Cazoo
  • Curve

What our partners say

  • Through our data-driven partnership with Credit Kudos, we are now able to more quickly and more reliably assess income allowing us to responsibly increase lending volumes. This market-first partnership will change the way our customers, including the financially underserved, access financial services and products.

    Scott Cargill

    CEO, Admiral Financial Services Ltd.

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