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The Problem

Recent estimates put the number of us in the UK who are “under-banked” at around ~8 million or roughly 12% of the population.

The net result is borrowers forced to turned to high interest doorstep loans, or lenders offering exorbitant interest rates to borrowers with little to no credit history. Not only does this exacerbate the problem by sending borrowers into spiralling circles of debt, it also prevents them from ever establishing a formal credit score, perpetuating the “chicken and egg” scenario.

Our Solution

The pitch is simple: build credit/affordability using real-time transaction data captured automatically from the borrower. It’s no secret that a complete picture of an individual’s finances is the only way to not only anticipate risk, but most importantly tailor fair, sensible lending terms for that individual.

The Team

We are a group of technologists incubated under the latest Entrepreneur First cohort, comprised of engineering talent from A16z-backed analytics startup TXN and the Data Science & Analytics outfit at Universal Music Group. Find out more about the team.

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