A New Credit Score
Powered by Financial Behaviour

What is it?

We know you’re not a number.

Credit Kudos is a new credit bureau that uses your financial behaviour to measure your creditworthiness. Credit Kudos automatically gathers information using your online banking to determine your suitability when applying for financial products.

We’re on Your Side.

Your accurate financial footprint, nothing else.

We know how frustrating it is to apply for credit only to be turned down because of circumstances outside of your control. We built Credit Kudos because we wanted to make credit scoring fair and transparent—you can see everything that goes in to your Credit Kudos score.

Fast and Secure

We’re engineers, software is our game.

We’ve built our process from the ground up to be fast and secure. Applying with Credit Kudos is as simple as signing in to your online banking and can be completed in minutes. Earning your trust is our top priority, let us tell you why.