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Credit Kudos & Privacy

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  • Credit Kudos uses Open Banking technology, which allows you to securely share your account history directly from your bank with your chosen lender without impacting your credit record.
  • Credit Kudos shares personal data you provide, such as contact information, account details, payments, transactions, account features and benefits, statements, identify verification on behalf of your loan provider or lender, with your chosen credit provider or lender.
  • Credit Kudos deletes personal data 14 days after sharing it with your chosen provider. Your chosen provider may make a credit decision based on data shared by Credit Kudos and retain data based on the terms of your agreement with them.
  • Information you provide to Credit Kudos may be used and shared with third parties for identity and data verification, credit reporting and affordability checks, and to prevent and detect criminal activity, fraud and money laundering.

Credit Kudos is a Credit Reference Agency (“CRA”), an Account Information Services Provider (“AISP”) and a subsidiary of Apple, Inc., that provides services that help consumer credit firms, identity verification companies, banks, and financial institutions (“Institutions”) to conduct income verification, identity verification and credit checks. Credit Kudos Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (ref. 770345 and 795791), registered and incorporated in England and Wales (company no. 09873335).

Credit Kudos may share information about your relationship with Credit Kudos with our service providers, who are obligated to handle the information consistent with this notice and instructions, are required to use reasonable security measures to protect any personal data received, and must delete such personal data as soon as they have completed the services unless retention is required by law.

Credit Kudos may record and store information that does not identify you, such as anonymous information, about your use of the services. Information that does not identify you is used to improve Credit Kudos products and services, for marketing, and for fraud and security purposes. Credit Kudos will not attempt to reidentify anonymous or aggregated information.

At all times, information collected by Apple will be treated in accordance with Apple’s Privacy Policy, which can be found at

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