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How it works

Built from Open Banking and loan outcome data our rich insights provide a comprehensive view of an individual or company’s current financial situation. We explain how it works below.

From Open Banking data to rich insights

We are experts in data enrichment - going beyond aggregation - to provide our partners with highly accurate insights.

  1. Collection

    Collecting Open Banking data

    Upon the applicant’s consent, an individual or company’s account(s) are aggregated into a single view of their financial behaviour. Advanced models detect and indicate when an applicant hasn’t shared their main income or expenditure account.

  2. Analysis

    Classification, Grouping, Prediction

    For market-leading coverage and accuracy, we have developed state of the art modelling techniques using millions of real transactions to categorise income and expenditure. Our advanced machine-learning models use historical data to predict future behaviour, taking into account outliers, seasonality and changes in circumstance.

  3. Insights

    Financial behaviour insights

    Proven predictive insights are surfaced through our API or underwriting platform, Atlas. These insights can be incorporated into scorecards and policies, used to improve manual underwriting, or automate decisioning.

Connecting with Open Banking

Embed our Open Banking journey into your existing customer journey, or bring-your-own-data.

Our Open Banking journey

Credit Kudos’ Open Banking journey has been built based on extensive consumer, UX and UI research to optimise for conversion. Our journey seamlessly embeds Open Banking into any customer journey, making it easy to access verified transaction data directly from financial institutions.

  • Connect with CK button illustration

    The applicant connects 
their bank accounts via our Open Banking journey

  • List of banks illustration

    Credit Kudos instantly aggregates and analyses verified transaction data

  • Report is created illustration

    View insights through our Reports API or underwriting platform, Atlas.

Bring your own data

Bring your own data enables you to enrich any existing transaction data with Credit Kudos’ insights. This could be data from another aggregation service, data held by you as a bank or similar financial institution, or data collected by a third party.

Data analysis

Data enrichment

As a credit reference agency, our predictive insights are built by combining transaction and loan outcome data. We distill transaction data into proven predictive insights that can be incorporated into scorecards and policies.

Predict future behaviour

Advanced machine-learning models use historical data to predict future behaviour, taking into account outliers, seasonality and changes in circumstance such as a pay rise or moving house. Measured on real historical data, we have built models that are 37% more accurate than any traditional statistical approach.

Classifying and grouping transactions

Our classification engine uses state of the art modelling techniques and millions of real transactions to categorise income and expenditure with market-leading coverage and accuracy.

Data analysis illustration

Insights at a glance

Access rich insights via our Reports API or our underwriting platform, Atlas.


Our easy-to-use underwriting platform displays rich insights on top of Open Banking data to streamline your underwriting process and help you to better understand your customers’ creditworthiness.

Atlas report dashboard illustration

Reports API

Our Reports API allows you to fully or partially automate decisioning, use Credit Kudos data in existing risk models or integrate financial behaviour data into your underwriting platform.

Sample API response

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    Credit Strategy Lending Awards 2020

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