Prove you’re credit‑worthy

Credit Kudos makes it easy to show a lender you’re a responsible spender.

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Traditional Credit Scoring is broken. We envisage a fairer way. We believe there's more to you than appears on a hidden credit report. We believe responsible spenders should be given access to appropriate credit products, and not have to resort to overpriced or unfair products.

Whenever you apply for any form of credit, the lender must take steps to verify that you can afford to repay them.

We make it easy for borrowers to add their income and expenditure data directly into their loan application.

Rather than receiving a phone-call or a house-visit to read over your bank statements, Credit Kudos allows you to temporarily share your data with your lender online. No fuss required.

How does it work?

Credit Kudos is a simple, safe and secure way of attaching your income and expenditure to your loan application.

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    Step 1.

    You either log into a loan application using our industry-standard, OAuth 2.0 login button, or click on the link in the invite email you receive from your lender.

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    Step 2.

    We make it clear to you how your data will be used by the lender that's asking for it. You're in complete control - you have the final say on whether your data is used or not, and you can revoke access at any time.

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    Step 3.

    Our secure login portal allows you to log into your bank directly using your normal details. Your bank details are never stored or shared with anyone. For security purposes, we completely forget about your details after your application is completed.

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    Step 4.

    We take a quick look at your transaction history, tally up figures like income and expenditure, and then pass a summary of your spending habits directly to your lender. It really is as simple as that.

Get in touch

Credit Kudos is already helping to support new applications at a number of trial lenders and brokers in the UK. Our goal is to scale out to mainstream lenders and credit providers by mid-2016.

If you have any questions about Credit Kudos and how we can help with your loan application, please email us.