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Product Launch: Open Banking decision engine

Better data for better decisions

We build products using Open Banking so credit providers can approve more people and lower risk.

Atlas home screen
// Request
curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {ACCESS_TOKEN}"

// Response
  "data": {
    "report": {
      "id": 1,
      "status": "complete",
      "source": "connect",
      "createdAt": "2020-09-02T10:45:00Z",
      "sandbox": false,
      "openBankingDataFetchedAt": "2020-09-02T10:46:00Z",
      "openBankingLastFetchAttemptAt": "2020-09-02T10:46:00Z",
      "mintedAsOf": "2020-09-02T10:47:00Z",
      "missingAccounts": {
        "income": "present",
        "expenditure": "present"
      "summary": {
        "income": {
          "predictedMonthlyAmount": {
            "value": "4023.31",
            "currency": "GBP"
          "recurringSources": {
            "income": {
              "count": "2"
            "benefits": {
              "count": "0"
            "pension": {
              "count": "0"
        "incomeWithBankTransfers": {
          "predictedMonthlyAmount": {
            "value": "4223.31",
            "currency": "GBP"
        "essentialExpenditure": {
          "predictedMonthlyAmount": {
            "value": "1826.92",
            "currency": "GBP"
        "nonEssentialExpenditure": {
          "predictedMonthlyAmount": {
            "value": "1275.45",
            "currency": "GBP"
        "affordabilityThreshold": {
          "predictedMonthlyAmount": {
            "value": "2396.39",
            "currency": "GBP"
      "application": {
        "name": "Credit Kudos Live"
  "meta": {}

Powering leading companies

  • 247 Money
  • Admiral
  • Atom bank

Products for the entire customer lifecycle

We build intelligent products so businesses can leverage Open Banking to enhance affordability and risk assessments. As a credit reference agency, our predictive insights are built by combining transaction and loan outcome data and are available through our API or underwriting platform, Atlas.

Use our products to streamline underwriting, improve accuracy in decision-making, and support customers after acquisition through our engagement tools.

  • Faster decisions

    Automate decisioning, streamline underwriting and shorten customer journeys.

  • Increase acceptances

    Use comprehensive insights to grow your loanbook, without increasing risk.

  • Reduce risk

    Access proven predictive features derived from new data sets to reduce risk across your business.

Consumer lending

Enhance the decision-making process throughout the customer lifecycle, with our consumer lending solutions:

  • Income Verification
  • Affordability & Vulnerability
  • Risk Insights
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Customer Mangement

Commercial lending

Get an accurate, comprehensive and real-time view of a business’ current financial situation, with our commercial lending solutions:

  • Automated Banks Statement Collection
  • Cashflow & Relationship Insights
  • Debt & Repayment Insights
  • Risk & Liquidity Insights

Bank Payments

Enable your customers to set up a direct payment to you from their bank account in seconds, using Open Banking. Open Banking Payments are cost-effective, help protect against fraud, and provide a smoother customer experience.

How we help our partners

  • 4x Faster evaluation time

  • 15% Increase in acceptance rates

  • 5.7% pointReduction in default rates

  • 26% pointIncrease in conversion

What our partners say

  • Through our data-driven partnership with Credit Kudos, we are now able to more quickly and more reliably assess income allowing us to responsibly increase lending volumes. This market-first partnership will change the way our customers, including the financially underserved, access financial services and products.

    Scott Cargill

    CEO, Admiral Financial Services Ltd.

Why Credit Kudos

Powerful predictive features

Our predictive features and risk models drive better outcomes for our partners, and their customers. Combining Open Banking and loan outcome data, we build decision-ready, predictive features and scores that have proven results – reducing defaults and increasing acceptances.

See how it works

Best-in-class categorisation

Our classification engine uses state of the art modelling techniques and millions of real transactions to categorise a report’s financial data.

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Market-leading conversion

Access better data without compromising user experience. Our robust Open Banking journey has been built based on extensive consumer, UX and UI research, to deliver a journey that boosts engagement and minimises drop-off.

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Expert advice

We make sure you unlock all the advantages of better data across your business, by partnering you with a dedicated Customer Success manager. Our team works with you to understand your business challenges and goals, so we can give you ongoing expert advice on how to make our data work best for your company.

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Security icon Safe and secure

Our technology was built from the ground up with security and privacy at its core. We’re integrated with some of the largest lenders in Europe and have trusted connections with major financial institutions.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We provide solutions across industries

We work with lenders, brokers, banks and other financial institutions to easily incorporate complex data sets into a wide array of applications.

  • Banking
  • Credit Cards
  • Tenant Vetting
  • Unsecured Lending
  • Retail Finance
  • Telecoms & Utilities
  • Motor Finance
  • Mortgages
  • Collections
  • SME
  • Gambling
  • Insurance
  • credit card

    Predicting Customer Default

    We worked with a major credit card provider to evaluate our machine-learning models’ ability to predict the probability of customer default.

  • guarantor

    Increasing acceptances using Open Banking

    How a Guarantor lender increased acceptances for thin files using Credit Kudos’ rich insights built from Open Banking data.


    Enhanced credit decisioning in Motor Finance using Open Banking insights

    CarFinance 247 has used Credit Kudos to enhance its affordability and credit assessments using enriched data, streamline its customer journey, and provide an additional layer of protection against fraudulent applications.

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