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Better and faster credit decisions

Credit Kudos is a challenger Credit Reference Agency and authorised Open Banking provider that uses financial behaviour to measure creditworthiness.

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  • Faster decisions

  • Increase acceptances

  • Reduce defaults

Solutions for all your credit needs

Streamline manual underwriting, and harness rich insights to enhance affordability assesments and reduce risk.

  • Income Verification

    Identify income using Open Banking data:

    • Predicted and historical monthly income
    • Income sources, employer name, and industry
    • Income Stability Scores: measures regularity of pay and length of employment
    • Income Shock Indicators: flags for recent loss or reduction in income

How it works

Our Connect Flow enables you to seamlessly embed Open Banking into any lending journey, making it easy to access verified transaction data directly from financial institutions.

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    Your customer connects 
their bank accounts via Connect Flow

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    Credit Kudos instantly aggregates and analyses verified transaction data

  • Report is created illustration

    View insights through our easy-to-use underwriting platform Atlas or reports API.

How we help our clients


Faster evaluation time


Increase in acceptance rates


Reduction in default rates

What our clients say

  • By automating previously laborious data collection processes, we've been able to spend more time with customers. Not only does this drastically increase efficiency, but it reduces stress on an individual and results in a better, faster outcome for all.

    Susan Rann

    CEO, Paylink Solutions

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Why Credit Kudos

Powerful predictive features

We’re the experts in building risk models and predictive features on top of Open Banking data. Harnessing advanced machine learning approaches, we combine transaction data with loan outcomes to accurately predict risk - helping you increase acceptances without increasing your risk appetite.

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Best-in-class categorisation

Our proprietary multi-layered classification engine uses state of the art modelling techniques and millions of real transactions to categorise a report’s financial data.

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Your customer journey, streamlined

Access better data without compromising user experience. Our Open Banking journey, Connect, makes applications shorter and faster, boosts engagement and minimises drop-off.

You can get started straight away with insights developed specifically for credit risk and affordability.

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Security iconSafe and secure

Our technology was built from the ground up with security and privacy at its core. We’re integrated with some of the largest lenders in Europe and have trusted connections with major financial institutions.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We provide solutions across the lending industry

We work with lenders, brokers, banks and other financial institutions to easily incorporate complex data sets into a wide array of applications.

We're always happy to chat about how we can make Open Banking work for you.

  • Banking

  • Credit Cards

  • Unsecured Lending

  • Motor Finance

  • Mortgages

  • Retail Finance

  • Collections

  • Telecoms & Utilities

  • Tenant Vetting

  • Gambling

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